Association of Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Corporations

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Agricultural Corporation Takesumi No Sato Co., Ltd.

Corporate nameAgricultural Corporation Takesumi No Sato Co., Ltd.RepresentativePresident Koichiro IidaStreet address3845-13 Fukadoshi, Kunitomicho, Higashimorokatagun, MiyazakiPRWe cultivate and grow moso bamboo, which becomes the raw material for bamboo coal. We then carefully produce bamboo coal in a furnace at the company workshop using traditional methods. Our edible bamboo coal powder and cosmetics include bamboo coal and bamboo vinegar for sale in department stores and online.Agriculture scale4 ha (bamboo forest)Acquired Authentication
Best recommended productEdible bamboo coal powderCharacteristicBy using only bamboo coal with a high degree of carbonization that conducts electricity, we make it into a powder finer than wheat flour (average size 5-8 μm). We ensure safety by conducting radiation and bacteria tests. The bamboo coal powder has no taste or odor, so it can be used for any kind of meal. tProduct photo
Usage (size / weight)1 kg 370 mm × 240 mm (in an aluminum zipper bag)Expiration date2 yearsPreservation methodRoom temperatureRetail price (excluding tax)5,400 yen/bagShipment unit10 bagsAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsCoal soap
Bamboo coal pillow
Bamboo vinegarContact Us

Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Corporation ECO Mush

Corporate nameAgricultural Producers’ Cooperative Corporation ECO MushRepresentativeChief Director Masafumi SeguchiStreet address7218-1 Natsuocho, Miyakonojo, MiyazakiPRThe company was founded in March of 2011. ECO Mush, located at the foot of the Kirishima mountain range in Miyakonojo, Miyazaki in the southern part of Japan, is blessed with abundant sunlight, plentiful groundwater, the temperature and humidity unique to a mountain range, and natural energy?the perfect environment to grow shiitake mushrooms.Agriculture scale0.6 ha Yearly production of 340 tAcquired Authentication
Best recommended productRaw shiitake mushrooms/processed shiitake mushroom productsCharacteristicAbsolutely no agricultural chemicals are used. The mushrooms are cultivated in a 100% mushroom bed, which results in an abundance of shiitake mushrooms for a stable supply. Sawdust, which is the raw material, comes from the trees cut and processed from the nearby company forest. We recycle for sustainable agriculture in consideration of the environment.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)100-200 g per packExpiration dateRaw shiitake mushrooms/1 weekPreservation methodRaw shiitake mushrooms/refrigerateRetail price (excluding tax)OpenShipment unit40 packsAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsShiitake mushroom dumplings (refrigerated)
Shiitake mushroom tsukudaniContact Us

KKY Farm Co., Ltd.

Corporate nameKKY Farm Co., Ltd.RepresentativePresident Yu HasegawaStreet address500-1 Aza Higashimiyata, Oaza Takajo, Kijocho, Koyugun, MiyazakiPRWe are determined to pursue quality in our agricultural products, as well as to seek safe and secure hygiene management through differentiation.Agriculture scale9 hAcquired Authentication
Best recommended productDried Sweet PotatoesCharacteristicThe Beniharuka sweet potatoes harvested from the farms of our company mature for more than three months. We employ an electric dryer for final drying. The products are safe with no concerns regarding contamination.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)120 g 17.5 × 25 × 1Expiration date90 daysPreservation methodRoom temperatureRetail price (excluding tax)550Shipment unit20 bagsAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsDried daikon
Royal PorkContact Us

Kushima AoiFarm Co.

Corporate nameKushima AoiFarm Co.RepresentativeCEO Makoto IkedaStreet address6564-12 Oaza Naru, Kushima, MiyazakiPRKushima AoiFarm Co. is an agricultural company with its head office in Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture. Our brand of sweet potatoes is unique; we produce, process, and sell five different types of sweet potatoesAgriculture scale20 hAcquired AuthenticationKosher CertificationBest recommended productSmall Sweet PotatoCharacteristicThe size is somewhat smaller than the standard sweet potato, which makes it easier for everyone to eat. The product is in high demand not just in Japan, but also overseas.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)500 gExpiration dateApprox. 1 monthPreservation methodRoom temperature (cool and dark place)Retail price (excluding tax)Open priceShipment unitFrom 20 bags/box (10 kg box)Availability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsShochu/Tokubo/paste/powder/pudding/noodlesContact Us

Kuwazuru Chikusan Co., Ltd.

Corporate nameKuwazuru Chikusan Co., Ltd.RepresentativeKozo KuwazuruStreet address3981-2 Higashikata, Kobayashi, MiyazakiPR
Agriculture scale50 haAcquired Authentication
Best recommended productRoppaku Pork/meat/processed foodCharacteristicWe raise each black pig with love in the pursuit of safety, security, and extreme beauty. We are determined to provide consistent management from production and manufacturing to sales.Product photo
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Other items
Contact Us

Miyazaki Sabo Co., Ltd.

Corporate nameMiyazaki Sabo Co., Ltd.RepresentativeAkira MiyazakiStreet address4966 Oaza Kuwanouchi, Gokasecho, Nishiusukigun, MiyazakiPRWe started organic cultivation 35 years ago. Starting with organic kamairicha (green tea fired in hot pans after a short withering), we produce organic tea, organic oolong tea, and organic sannenbancha (three-year coarse tea).Agriculture scale13 haAcquired AuthenticationOrganic JASBest recommended productOrganic KamairichaCharacteristicThe fragrance of organically cultivated kamairicha is good and well known for its refreshing taste.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)100 gExpiration date1 yearPreservation methodRoom temperatureRetail price (excluding tax)1,000 yenShipment unit20 bagsAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsOrganic tea
Organic oolong teaContact Us

Ohyama Foods Ltd.

Corporate nameOhyama Foods Ltd.RepresentativePresident Kenichiro OhyamaStreet address4538 Oaza Kitamata, Aya-cho, Higashimorokatagun, MiyazakiPRFounded in 1930. The vinegar is made using traditional techniques in large clay jars outdoors. We have been exporting our product to EU and the United States since 1987.Agriculture scale1haAcquired AuthenticationOrganic JAS. ISO 22000Best recommended productMarcy Yuzu Hot SauceCharacteristicAs of the end of November 2017, we have shipped more than 400,000 bottles to the United States. Thanks to you, our products are becoming popular around the world.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)100 g 40 mm × 40 mm × 130 mmExpiration date2 yearsPreservation methodRoom temperatureRetail price (excluding tax)500 yen/bottle (tax excluded)Shipment unit12 bottles/1 caseAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsBlack vinegar
Black vinegar drink
Sweet sake, konyaku, liquorContact Us

Seed Culture Co, Ltd.

Corporate nameSeed Culture Co, Ltd.RepresentativePresident Yuri HayakawaStreet address2330 Kitamata, Ayacho, Higashimorokatagun, MiyazakiPRWe deliver safe, delicious foods through natural ecosystem agriculture without using agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.Agriculture scale451 aAcquired Authentication
Best recommended productSeasonal vegetables/processed foodsCharacteristicProcessed foods that pack the goodness of the full energy and freshness of the vegetables in one product.Product photo
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Other itemsWe accept internships, offer agricultural experience, and there is also a farm restaurant.Contact Us

Seguchi Shiitake Co., Ltd.

Corporate nameSeguchi Shiitake Co., Ltd.RepresentativePresident Gunkichi SeguchiStreet address7211 Natsuocho, Miyakonojo, MiyazakiPRThe company was founded by Zenkichi Seguchi in 1937 after settling down at the current location. Shiitake mushroom production started with nothing around. By cultivating raw wood, a determined Zenkichi worked hard to grow shiitake mushrooms. The current president Gunkichi would further expand the business, which led to the long-established shiitake mushroom production company of today.Agriculture scale
Acquired Authentication
Best recommended productRaw shiitake mushrooms/processed shiitake mushroom productsCharacteristicAbsolutely no agricultural chemicals are used on the mushroom beds where the shiitake mushrooms are grown today. The sawdust, which is the raw material for shiitake mushrooms, comes from a special forest owned by the company. The mushrooms are then cultivated by the company, making it possible to offer good quality, safe, and secure shiitake mushrooms.Product photo
Usage (size / weight)100-200 g/packExpiration dateRaw shiitake mushrooms 1 weekPreservation methodRaw shiitake mushrooms refrigeratedRetail price (excluding tax)OpenShipment unit40 packsAvailability periodThroughout the yearOther itemsShiitake mushroom chips
Shiitake mushroom dumplings (refrigerated)
Shiitake mushroom tsukudaniContact Us